How do I place an order?

Custom cakes and cupcakes are only available for special order through our Downtown La Crosse location.  We currently do not offer special order items to our Rochester location—we do offer readily available cakes at Apache Mall, please stop in or call (507) 258-6330 for current selection.

What size are your cupcakes?

The cupcakes in our cases are Standard size, Mini Cupcakes and Jumbo Cupcakes are available for special order.

Why do you sell-out?

We are just a small staff and we cannot predict the future to know exactly how many to make. We PROMISE it’s not our goal to sell out. We work as hard as we can to make enough cupcakes to last as long as we can! Please be kind to our staff members, as we will not tolerate anything but kindness in our stores.

Where can I find pricing?

Special order cupcakes are sold by the dozen and by flavor, with a one dozen minimum per flavor.  Pricing is not listed on the website so there is no confusion when placing an order, as prices might change based upon customization, order size, etc.  To get a quote, please call the store.

Do you use fondant?

We are a buttercream bakery and do not use fondant.

Can I send a picture for you to recreate?

We do love for you to send us pictures that you’d like us to use as inspiration, however, we will not recreate the exact image that you send us.  If you share the same love of Pinterest as we do, please include the word “buttercream” in your search! We recommend giving us a theme and a color scheme and letting us use our creativity to create an addiecakes original cake!

Do you offer any items besides cupcakes?

Yes! On a day to day basis, we typically offer items such as Edible Cookie Dough, Cookies, and Cookie Sandwiches.  Keep an eye out for other fun items rotated through!

Do you ship?

At this time we do not ship any of our items.

Do you deliver?

At this time, we only deliver to our catered events.

Do you offer Gluten Free items?

Yes! Gluten Free cupcakes are always available for special order at our downtown La Crosse and Valley View Mall locations.  We are also excited to introduce Gluten Free Fridays!

Do you offer Dairy Free, Vegan, or Sugar Free items?

At this time, we do not offer any of these products.

How far in advance should an order be placed?

To ensure we will have availability please place your order as soon as you are able.  We are a small boutique bakery who strives to have quality produts over quantity, so we will not take on more than we can execute perfectly.

Is a deposit needed for custom orders?

Yes.  All custom orders require 100% payment upon order placement.

How should I store my cake/cupcakes?

Items that are purchased and consumed during the same day are fine to leave at room temperature, otherwise items should be stored in the refrigerator for optimal shelf life.  Buttercream cakes and cupcakes should be taken out of the refrigerator 4 hours prior to serving.

How do I travel with my cake/cupcakes?

Cupcakes and single tiered cakes are fine on a flat surface.  Do not stack cupcake or cake boxes.  If your cake is larger than a single tier, we recommend having us deliver.  We will make sure the cake is packed safely and study the routes to make sure to avoid potential hazards to the cake such as potholes, train tracks or speed bumps so the cake will arrive in tact at its destination.

Wedding orders, changes and cancellations

A 50% deposit of your wedding order is required to hold your date.  The remaining balance must be paid in full one month prior to the wedding date.  Changes to your order can be made up until the one month out date.  Any cancellations made to an order less than one month before the pickup/delivery date will not be refunded.